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I am deeply sympathetic to those poor victims of abusive priests, and I find it absolutely appaling that the trust of innocent children would be abused by those who, if anything, should be a model of Christian life and love for their neighbor. Yet the misconduct of individual priests should not represent the final condemnation of a 2 millennia old Church. The Catholic Church has been target of all sorts of attacks, which are not always based on fair claims, not only regarding sex abuse.

I am absolutely NOT denying that the Church may have been negligent in investigating some of the sex abuse in a more effective way, however, to be fair, it has been proved that many of these scandals were already under investigation by the time claims became public – yes, the Church has an investigation procedure, just like any secular judicial court, and therefore, she cannot act without having exhausted all investigations required to determine suitable course of action. It is also important to keep in mind that, although these investigations where not being fast-tracked, which should had been the case, given the seriousness of the matter; one can rest assured that some of these investigations were finalized more quickly than similar cases investigated in the regular courts around the world, such as in the US. 


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Our Church is under attack and she needs our prayers. We Catholic Christians have a duty do defend the name of our Church and join the army of God with our prayers to overcome any evil that may try to hurt our Faith. We can no longer ignore what is going on, there are people out there hard at work trying to damage the Catholic Church, our Holy Father, Pope Benéctid XVI, and the Faith altogether.

May our faith in God give us strength to pray constantly for the deliverance of all evil that may be working against The Church and within her.  This is our duty as Catholics. Pray for St. Michael the Archangel, our defensor,  and we shall have victory.

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