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Catholics should speak-up and be aware of the dangers involved in keeping a low-profile in the debates about important topics such as abortion. In the recent times there  has been a fierce disposition by some members of the media in trying to portray erroneous catholic views on various topics. A recent article, first publicized on Catholics Online, which I am partially quoting here, illustrates this very well.

The pro-abortion discussions carried out by groups such as  Catholics for the Right to Decide in Europe  (counterpart of the U.S. Catholics for Choice)  are a good example of the problem, as they seem to have been misleadingly divulged as the official teaching or view of the Church; rather than a separate  movement that actually contradicts the official views of the Catholic Church.

It may seem superfluous to point out that the Catholic doctrine opposes strongly and vehemently to the very notion of any crime against life, including the life on the unborn. However, we should never assume that even a fundamental teaching such as the one concerning abortion are free from  misinterpretation or even manipulation by interest groups. 

When any basic teachings of a doctrine begin to be publically challenged such as in this instance, society’s perceptions could become confused by a notion that there may be an internal conflict within the institution’s leadership, which in turn could lead to unjustified and unnecessary negative criticism.

WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) – A tale of two women…and life, love and faith.One preaches the “obligation to self” The other preaches the call to give ourselves away in love to the other, out of love for the Lord who gave Himself away in love for each one of us. One preaches a false “gospel”, the other preaches the true Gospel which alone brings life and freedom.

Once again last week the Church was maligned by a false “feminist” who believes that a woman has the right to kill her unborn child if she chooses and such a “choice” is not contrary to Catholic teaching. Elfriede Harth is the Secretariat of European Parliament Study Group on Religion and Secularity, and a Spanish member of Catholics for the Right to Decide (their counterpart in the U.S. is Catholics for Choice).  She made her insane remarks at the Women Deliver conference in Washington, D.C. this month.

She aims to promote what passes for “liberal” or “progressive” doctrines within the Church these days. They do not liberate and they do not promote true progress. However, they are being promoted by the media as somehow reflective of a “Catholic” position. They are anything but. They are heretical and anti-life.There are no ‘abortion rights’, only human persons have rights. In fact, every intentional abortion KILLS a human person. There is only the Right to Life and Harth fails to recognize this preeminent and fundamental right upon which all other rights rest. .

Harth says, “Religious feminists play a crucial role in organizing resistance to religious fundamentalism.”  Her mission, in my opinion, is to redesign the Church to suit the pro-abortion, anti-male, anti-tradition, anti-calling-anything-sinful philosophy she preaches.  In short, she is working to destroy the Church from within.She is an advocate of the “Dictatorship of Relativism” the Holy father warned of.

She knows the Church doesn’t approve of her endorsement of baby-killing while calling herself Catholic, but naturally, she says the problem isn’t her total misunderstanding of Church teaching or her errant definition of being Catholic – it’s the Magisterium that’s all screwed up. 

“They’re always trying to say we’re not real Catholics, which is wrong, because the criterion to say you’re Catholic is that you’re baptized.  That’s all.” she said.  “And I don’t accept that other people pretend that they define what is Catholicism.  You know?  The way the Vatican presents Catholicism is incomplete.”

Thousands of years of Church leaders, starting with the Apostles, are simply “other people” to Ms. Harth, and since she doesn’t like what they say about abortion and her other favorite liberal “feminist” doctrines, well, it just means the faith is incomplete.  All this time, we’ve been waiting for Ms. Harth to fill in the holes those “other people” left behind!

Harth insisted that a woman has the right to abort because she “has a right to have a good life” and she does not have “the right to ruin it.”  “And if a pregnancy is going to ruin her life in any way, she has a right to get the abortion.  She has the right.  She has an obligation to protect her life from being ruined… Because you owe this respect to yourself because you’re a child of God.  You should feel guilty if you don’t.” she said.

Read that again:  Catholic women should feel guilty if they do not abort a child they feel might “ruin their lives.”  To not do so would be disrespectful toward themselves as a child of God. 

And what about the baby, Ms. Harth?  Is the baby also a child of God?  “If you have an abortion, there is a fetus that will be killed.  This is true.  But… for us, death is not the end of the story.  And this unborn child or fetus or whatever you want to call it is… well, we don’t know what God is going to do with this creature.  God has a lot of mercy, maybe… we don’t know.”

Incredibly, Harth is actually justifying the murder of the child in the womb by pointing to our belief in eternal life!?!  Hey, death is not the end of the story!  So, really, abortion’s not a bad thing.  It’s just sending the baby on to Gloryland a little early – no harm done!  This, according to pro-abort heretic Elfriede Harth is real, complete Catholic teaching.  Wrong.

The tragedy only grows worse as Harth collects more confused, uncatechized souls and leads them astray.  She’ll scowl at me for saying this, but Ms. Harth – you’re not really Catholic.  Not even close.


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