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Protestant Evangelical churches multiply at an exponential rate these days, the phenomena of the mega churches and their fell-good & prosperity Gospel, some of  which are run by business minded pastors and their ‘marketing’ orientated approach, is not all that uncommon in the United States, and is worryingly beginning to spread around the world. 

However, some of the things we see as the core ‘doctrine’ Protestants are so strict about, such as the ‘sinners prayer’, which is a personal invitation for Jesus to become the individual’s Lord and Saviour, and is so fundamental to the Protestant psyche of today was not something shared by the fathers of the Reformation, such as Luther or Calvin and didn’t come about until the 18th with th Puritans in England. In fact, the scriptural support for this belief is very weak and one has to stretch the scriptures rather aggressively in order to Biblically prove it.

Other discoveries would shock most Evangelical Protestants, I am sure, such as Calvin’s views on Ecclesiastical Authoritative role on the interpretation of Scriptures and Luther’s recognition of priestly confession.

So why has the Protestant movement, which initially started to ‘reform’ the Church, not to deny its teachings, ended up like this? The video below surely answers some of these questions.

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