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What is the impact of demographic decline on a country’s economy and social security system?  Does abortion cause cities to decline? For instance, Diana Schaub suggests this in a Baltimore Sun article titled: “A hidden cause of Baltimore’s population loss: abortion”.

Is that an overstatement? What is for sure, is that with an 86% abortion rate, there is no way Baltimore can recover.

As western governments seek solutions to the problems created by falling birth rates, Schaub suggests that Baltimore “should look within” for a solution, rather than trying to attract immigration.

Perhaps European countries should do the same before they become unrecognizable.

Rick Santorum has been criticized for recently blaming the European financial crisis on the demographic winter on the old continent. Mark Steyn comments on this in The Corner:

Is it remotely likely that the debts run up by 100 Mediterranean deadbeats will be repaid by 42 Mediterranean deadbeats?

The Germans, French and Dutch have healthier trend lines, but only because, as you note, they’ve imported huge populations that will inflict profound transformational changes. That, too, threatens the basic social compact: A decade or two on, is it likely that Ahmed and Mohammed will agree to be ever more punitively taxed to maintain the lavish retirements of Fritz and François?

When 100 grandparents have 42 grandchildren, how do you grow your economy in an ever shrinking market? Where once were 100 babies for your diaper business, now there are only 42. And, fifteen years on, where once were 100 teens for your caterwauling gangsta rap record company, now a mere 42. And then only 42 potential car buyers, and maybe 21 home owners… You need a hell of an export market to beat back the arithmetic of a remorselessly withering customer base.


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