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Thousands of Burmese Muslims are fleeing to Bangladesh each month, swelling one of the world’s largest refugee concentrations in one of the world’s poorest countries. Bangladeshi villagers said at least 30 Burmese children have died since April from malnutrition and disease. “More will die soon,” one said, indicating a group of boys and girls with protruding ribs and sunken eyes.

Amidst all the sad news that we have grown accustomed to watching on TV everyday, stories like this are probably the most tragic ones, for they involve not only general human suffering, but the lives of innocent children.

In this little journal, I mainly reflect on some of the wonderful blessings we receive daily, but I feel also that I should take a chance to examine my conscience and reflect on my actions as an opportunity to grow and learn to be a true Christian. How many times have we not responded to Jesus in ‘disguise’, as Mother Teresa writes in her book Loving Jesus, and maybe failed to recognise Him in the faces of the needy that we come across in our lives? As Mother Teresa puts it, Jesus is in each and every one of us, be them poor or rich, black or white, Christian or not, He still lives in all of us, and He will show himself to us in unexpected ways. 

«Whathever you do for the least of my brethren, you do it to me. When you receive a child in my name, you are receiving me» (Lk, 9:48). «When you give a glass of water to someone in my name, you give it to me» (Mt 9:41).

In Mother Teresa’s reflections, she points out that the needy and the poor are not only those found in the slums of poor countries, but anyone who suffers physically or spiritually, and they can be even  within our own families and community.

These reflections made me conclude that only through charity one can be truly in harmony with the will of God.  It may seem like a daunting task to give away ourselves to serve God’s will in such an intense way as did Mother Teresa and her missionaries; however, I believe that every one has their own calling, and that we can find our own through prayer and meditation on the works of God and Jesus’ sacrifice.  For this we can rely on the love and the intercession of Our Lady, who is such an amazing channel that connects us to Jesus!

It is important to remember that the amount you give is not what determines the value of what we do, but how much we love giving!! For this reason, I believe God will value  a small gesture of kindness  to a neighbor  just as much, provided that it is done with love.

«Love each other as I loved you. As my Father loves me, so I have loved you. Love each other»(Jn 13:34, 15:19).

Tonight I will offer the intentions of my prayers to the many Burmese children that are dying in Bangladesh as I saw on BBC today. It really breaks my heart that any creature should go through such an enormous suffering. May God have mercy on them so that they can cope with so much pain.


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