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Wouldn’t it be great if we had rules of thumb for every thing? A how-to manual that we could just run to and find all the answers for life? …Not possible, I am afraid… Anyhow, we can always try to establish little guidelines to help us sail more smoothly as we progress on our journeys in this world. I found this somewhere and thought I should share it here.

  1. Practice humility today in all your actions. 
  2. Be generous today; help someone in need. 
  3. Look for ways to be helpful throughout the day. 
  4. Do a job that needs being done without being asked. 
  5. Be courageous; walk away from any impure situations today. 
  6. Don’t be at all idle today; always do something for others or for your own spiritual growth. 
  7. Go out of your way today to help or talk to someone who is usually difficult.
  8. Volunteer for an extra job today.
  9. Say an extra Rosary today for the conversion of a sinner. 
  10. Visit someone who is sick or lonesome today. Offer to say the Rosary with them.

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