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I sometimes amaze myself with the amount of acrobatics some pastors force themselves to do in order to avoid preaching about hell and sin. Our good Lord Jesus Christ  preached about Heaven and hell as the two most certain realities of our lives because, in effect,  if there are  two places where one will certainly spend eternity in, these places are either Heaven or hell. And yet, these days we hardly hear the word hell being mentioned at a Catholic Mass as though we’ve done away with it!

It is also common to hear preachers talk about temptation, falling short and making mistakes, but most are reluctant to mention the word sin, let alone the name Devil.  These seem to have become  ‘politically incorrect’ words that will upset people and scare them away from Mass or from the Church altogether.

However, the holy Mother Church, as far I know, has never stopped teaching about hell and the need for constant personal conversion, namely, rejection of sin as means of attaining eternal life.  The Bible is full passages exhorting all believers to turn away from sin and convert their hearts to God, keep the commandments and strive to be holy.  On the other hand, in most parishes we seem to witness a phenomenon in which nearly everything is permissible or should be left to each individual’s conscience. The problem is, not every one has a formed conscious!  According to the Bible, mortal sin indeed leads to the ‘death’ of the soul and with it the death of the individual’s own conscious, which is a gift of God to help us lead a good life.

The Church as whole is in great need of priests that instead of adopting diplomacy would rather be  more committed to preaching the full truth of the Gospel of Jesus! After all, that is still one of the main reasons people go to church, because in spite of the Godless world we live in,  many of us are sincerely seeking the face of the Lord and don’t want to be deceived or mislead. 

Personaly, I find it hard to understand the reasons behind the widespread lukewarmness in the Church of today, for this reason I not only hope but sincerely pray that the Lord may provide us with a good harvest of holy priests to shepherd His brethren.

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