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Today is the feast of Christ the King, a reminder to all of us Catholic Christians of what we daily profess as our Faith at Mass, as we pray:

” Christ has died, Christ has Risen, Christ will come again”.

Through the readings of this feast day, the Church invites us not only  to celebrate Our  Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ  as our King, but to reflect on Jesus kingship and his ultimate sacrifice for our Salvation. Today’s Gospel tells us about the two thieves on their crosses, and so we should feel encouraged to meditate on those so strikingly opposing attitudes of the two thieves, the good one and the unrepentant thief.

Jesus was mocked and challenged to the point of humiliation, on His Cross. His death ‘bed’…

Pope Benedict celebrated the Feast of Christ the King by celebrating the Mass of the Rings, in which he gave the ring of office to the 24 new Cardinals he created on Saturday.

During his homily he reflected on Christ the King, reigning from the Cross.

During a discourse which described in detail the scene surrounding Jesus on the Cross, the Pope mentioned those who mocked him, and called to him to come down from the Cross. He told the Cardinals that the Gospel of the day calls us to be with Jesus and Mary:

“Do not ask him to come down from the cross, but stay there with him.”

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