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Jesus washes the feet of His disciples

As I sit here to write this little journal I believe the Lord is listening to my very thoughts, and because of that I know He will be guiding me to reflect on the right things, the things that I need to learn and to find more about in order to carry on with my search to grow spiritually, as well as to bocome a better Christian… I have a clear vision of where I want to be and I ask Him to have mercy on me and help me get there.  

 When I attended the Mass of the Lord’s Supper this Holy Thursday I had a thought that I don’t think had ever occurred to me. I was astounded by the lesson of humility and servitude that our Lord Jesus Christ taught us with His gesture of washing the disciples’ feet. This humility is so characteristic of Jesus’ messages given to us, yet we are always expecting to obtain things for ourselves, blessings from God, favors from others… In contrast, we often fail to even acknowledge the needs of those around us. Are we not assimilating Jesus’ message, or are we simply ignoring it?     


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