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I was watching the History Channel the other day when a program on the Protestant Reformation was being aired and not long after it had started, it became apparent that whatever research the producers had done, it surely did not prevent a number of mistakes or misinterpretations on Catholic Christianity. Among the things that were  said, something caught my attention and made me wonder how many non-Catholic viewers could potentially have been mislead by some of the statements made during the show. 

According to the presenter, one of the main reasons for Martin Luther’s break up with Catholicism was his contrary views on Purgatory, since he believed in salvation by faith alone and imputed justification, as opposed to infused justification, as held by the Catholic Church.

Now, I am not  questioning Luther’s real motifs or beliefs; but rather the brief explanation provided on the Catholic dogma of Purgatory. The presenter explained that Martin Luther opposed the teaching of purgatory because he did not believe that the prayers of any living believer could ‘save’ those already deceased.  Such statement could not possibly be legitimate, because this is not what the Catholic Church teaches neither on Purgatory or Salvation! (more…)


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