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The Book of Gospel on the Altar

The notion of Catholicism being a non-Christian and non-Bible based religion has been around for some time and, I believe, it has persisted not because of a ‘sinister’ conspiracy against the Catholic Faith, but simply because there is a lack of understanding about Catholicism in general.  

The Christian reverent towards the Scriptures may not be as extreme as the Islamic approach (where in some places a mere newspaper can’t even be thrown out if it has a quotation of Mohammed on it) but in a different way, Christian reverent to the Scripture is also very solemn and profound. All Christians agree that the Bible is a collection of books written over a period of time of more than a thousand years; and that these writings were inspired by God, and that God Himself protected the transmission of the original writings from error, as well as their translations. Although Christians agree on this, there are two approaches through which they express this shared view: Fundamentalism and the Historical-critical approach.  


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